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Commit Media: Entertainment for a Cause

I was referred to Paul Katz by his brother Geoff Katz at CPi Photographers. At that time, Paul had recently left a successful career in the music industry to start his own company with a new mission:  to harness the power of entertainment and celebrity to advance the causes, and programs of non-profits, philanthropic organizations and altruistic individuals.

That company was Commit Media — a brand that I feel very proud to have helped design from the ground up.  I worked with Paul’s growing team for over 6 years.  In that time I designed Commit Media’s identity, print collateral, and pitch decks.  My company designed and built two iterations of a brochureware website that featured a custom content management system to post press releases (pre-Wordpress) as well as a custom Flash media player designed to work like an iPod. We also created a promotional, interactive dvd.

Working for a company whose mission is to do good, I felt like I was doing a little good too.  Working in proximity to partners such as the American Dental Association, Rotary International, Environmental Defense, and the American Diabetes Association just radiates good feelings.

While I moved on to other endeavors, I still have great love for this company and what they’re accomplishing.  Check out their website.  Although it has since been redesigned, it still has much of the same visual DNA as its prior iterations!