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D&B Reporting Tool & Print

D&B Small Business Solutions was a repeat client for many years.  They relied upon my company, Hover Media, for a range of projects ranging from complex data-driven web projects to the occasional brochure.

Here I’ve included a few screenshots from a comprehensive tool that brought several of its subscription-based, small business reporting products under one technical umbrella. The tool as designed existed both as a deep, data-driven, customized online reporting tool as well as a series of dynamically-generated, printable pdf reports which relayed varying degrees of information based on client subscription level.

Later, I was also asked to design a gate-fold brochure that clearly outlined the steps a small business might find necessary to better managing their business credit. The result: a simple, flowing document that moves the eye fluidly through steps laid out on 6 panels — one that encouraged the target audience to relate with the use of stock photography depicting relevant demographic personalities.