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Earndit Team Challenge

In early 2012, I supported Everyday Health’s “Emerging Business Unit” whose primary focus was to begin developing corporate wellness products. To that end, I ended up doing a lot of research on personal fitness trackers and motivational tools/apps. We’d already dipped our toes in the biometric device waters with a cool integration with Body Media and the Jillian Michaels online program, but I also got to test drive a bunch of devices from Nike, Striiv and Fitbit as well as a huge array of apps from Zombie Run to Strava (which I still use today).

One of the coolest projects I did in this sphere was to work with our partners at Earndit to create the team functionality for an Everyday Health corporate walking challenge. As a company that is currently developing corporate wellness products for Mayo Clinic, you can’t just talk the talk… you have to walk the walk. Earndit already had a great mechanism for motivating individual exercisers with sponsored rewards and badging, but lacked a team challenge component. It was my job to design the UX for team functionality which include clearer challenge statuses, team signup, scalable results, intra-team comments, and daily engagement tools/rewards.

Everyday Health handed out Fitbit Zips to all employees and held its successful “Step It Up Team Challenge” in the Spring of 2013. It enrolled 420 participants and awarded both team and individual prizes.

Responsibilities: Research, UX, Design