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EH Health Profile Funnel

One of the inherent challenges of creating Lead Gen conversion paths is the tension between engagement and drop-off — knowing precisely the amount of information to ask for before the user decides the carrot isn’t worth the effort.

We generally limit the number of partner offers we show users, because each offer requires the user to fill out a separate form that asks duplicate questions with slightly different language. No one wants to fill out the same form over and over again. This new conversion path experiments with the idea that if we front load the funnel with thorough, global questions relevant to all of the offers, we might be able to take that information and pre-populate the subsequent partner offer forms… possibly even adding a larger number of offers to the mix!

The Flow:
1) Landing Page: Present carrot (in this case, registration in the Everyday Health Diabetic Meal Planner) and non-intimidating number of engaging questions that ostensibly help to customize the tool. Eventually, more questions drop down via hide/show functionality.

2) Complete Profile Page: Requests standard registration information.

3) Offer Template: When it’s time to show a string of partner offers, most or all of the questions have been previously answered and pre-populated in the first two pages, so that instead of being presented with a formidable number of nearly identical forms, it’s clear to the user that there is no more time investment in clicking the button signing them up for the offer than pressing the “SKIP” button.

4) Congratulations: Carrot delivered. Be it a premium or signup for an Everyday Health tool like the Calorie Counter.

This project is on the cusp of launching. I’m looking forward to the results.

Responsibilities: UX, Design, Copy