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EH Nutrition Quiz Funnel

Simply, this is a quiz-based conversion path (aka “funnel”) in the service of acquiring qualified leads for Everyday Health’s pharma partners in the diabetes space. Its secondary function is to drive Everyday Health newsletter registrations. Third function? Flexibility to drive users to company’s different content and products, as needed.

Again, it’s all about engagement. There are a lot of ways to entice users to entrust us with their information, but in all cases you must look credible and employ an incentive. In some cases, the carrot is a useful premium. In this case, we’re testing whether “fun” and “knowledge” deliver the goods. Receive the answers after we ask for your email address and show you a couple of offers. (Not shown: actual pharma offer. In process of redesigning an old template.)

This funnel was built on iOn’s Liveball platform and has yet to be tested.

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Responsibilities: Creative Direction, UX