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EH Sweet Relief Sweepstakes Funnel

Sweepstakes are yet another tool to motivate users to mosey down the path of offering personal information and consenting to partner offers. The first iteration of this diabetes-centric campaign employed a $25,000 sweepstakes prize. We will be re-running the campaign on a regular basis with a smaller $2,500 prize and refreshed creative with alternative creative that we plan to A/B test (seen here). This approach utilizes paid search, on-network and paid display, as well as social media components.

This funnel was optimized for both desktop and mobile, built on iOn’s Liveball platform. While developing the creative for a project like this is always the most fun, I learned a lot about legal requirements for sweepstakes and worked closely with the front end developer to better take advantage of the customization capabilities on the Liveball platform.

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Design, Copy (for funnel, search, and Facebook ads)