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Everyday Health Dedicated Marketing Emails

Dedicated marketing emails are one primary way that Everyday Health drives both subscriptions for its premium online diet programs and for membership-based professional content. We also send them to promote new Everyday Health offerings:  apps, books, tv shows, etc…

I had designed and built emails for clients prior to my time at EH, but two years in a solely marketing-focused environment gave me a more holistic view of how email marketing fits into the marketing landscape and gave me the opportunity to manage a team to support this function. I learned about “trialbacks,” “comebacks,” and the value of well-timed re-marketing campaigns. I absorbed the value of matching messages of an email and its landing page.  We conducted myriad A/B tests evaluating offers, calls-to-action, subject lines, animation, gender-specific content, length, and background images. The Creative Team routinely met with the Media Team to go over heat maps, CTR and CTC rates for each creative.

I’m proud to have worked closely with the Media Team to help develop more engaging, credible and statistically effective creative.

During that time, I conceptualized emails, wrote copy, designed and directed other designers and copywriters. In the early days, I coded many emails myself. I implemented processes that optimized the Creative Team’s output by developing customizable email templates for ease of update by the Media Team.  I also implemented a thorough QA procedure including more rigorous platform, browser, and email client testing.