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Everyday Health Email Newsletters

In the past two years, Everyday Health’s roster of daily, condition-specific newsletters has undergone a dramatic upgrade, transitioning from a laborious editor-driven system to a powerful user-customized content engine driven by the company’s proprietary content recommendation platform.  These newsletters are smart.  Sign up for an EH newsletter and it will figure out condition-specific content you like and send you more of that.

My job in this process was to assess templates from the prior system and design a template that positively influenced CTR — a problem that took into account issues of deliverability, rendering and other internal parameters relating to a formidable, pre-existing collection of assets.

Newsletters are a different beast than your typical marketing email.  For a designer, they can be heart breakers.  Beautiful does not always win.  Obvious does.  That often means underlining every link or forgoing precious white space for information density in the preview pane.  It can mean stripping away larger top stories because they detract from the overall CTR and designing for the likelihood that your user might view the email with images turned off.  (Note:  we discarded the Women’s Health template pictured here months ago for one that favors equally weighted articles in the left hand column and a largely HTML header like the What To Expect template shown).

Through rigorous A/B testing, we winnowed down designs to one general template that we carefully continue to roll out to each of our products.

Responsibilities:  UX, Design