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Everyday Health YouTube Channel

In 2011, I designed and developed the proof of concept Everyday Health YouTube channel which ultimately helped the company to secure a strategic content deal with YouTube. Within weeks of developing that initial channel, I also created an Everyday Health diabetes-focused channel to support a strategic Custom Solutions project for Lantus.

In 2012, a new, updated version of the channel was officially launched in 2012 . The channel launched with ten unique, new shows featuring a variety of the company’s health and wellness experts.  The Marketing Department was tasked with promoting these shows through a series of on and off-network banner campaigns. As Creative Director, I worked with my team to develop concepts (copy & design) and oversaw production of those campaigns across multiple formats (statics, gif animation, Flash) and platforms (desktop & mobile).

Responsibilities:  Creative Direction, Design, Copy

Animated Samples (Flash)
Broad Channel Concept
Laura Berman “Couples in Crisis” Concept 1
Laura Berman “Couples in Crisis” Concept 2
Jillian Michaels “Daily Dose”(Flash)
Joy Bauer’s “What the Heck Are You Eating?”