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Health Reach Brand & Collateral

In 2012, the Data Sciences division of Everyday Health launched a groundbreaking new reach advertising platform to bridge the gap between purely premium Everyday Health network ad plays.  Utilizing the data gained from Everyday Health’s 60MM condition-specific hand-raisers, the Health Reach platform creates a model of what our audiences might look like over the Everyday Health network wall and targets them in a smarter way, expanding a clients potential reach at scale.

This is NOT an easy concept to explain — even to media buyers and agencies. It involves visualizing and simplifying technical concepts such as look alike modeling and our place in the advertising ecosystem. (It also requires comprehension of a frightening diagram called “The Lumascape.”) The project continues to require close collaboration with the sales team to help articulate the product’s USP and ever-evolving benefits list. As Director of Creative Services in Data Sciences, I oversaw all aspects of branding and marketing of Health Reach.  I designed the logo, print collateral and sales materials including pitch decks and print brochures.  I provided copy, design and project management for customization of a responsive WordPress brochureware site. This included art direction of a photo shoot for the management team.

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Copywriting