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LIV Organic Identity & Packaging

I worked with TANKindustries on the creation of a logo and label design for the new athletic drink, LIV Organic. The concept: Gatorade without the garbage. The goal: Update LIV’s brand to reflect the vitality and purity of the product. To protect the product from color degredation and appeal to its new audience, a choice was made to use a shrink wrap label on the entire bottle. The new label not only protected the 100% natural product from sunlight, but also provided greater shelf impact with more communication space. To engage consumers, we decided on a playful design that employs sports-related verbs in various font sizes and orientations in complementary hues for each flavor profile. Other details include a fuel pump info graphic that reads “pure fuel for your body,” and “6 ingredients, 0 garbage.” Overall, important product information is presented in a fun, straightforward manner.

Responsibilities: Art Direction