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South Beach Diet Testimonial Campaign

Did you know there is actually such a thing as “diet season?” Every year from Thanksgiving to just after New Years, purveyors of diet and fitness products come out of the woodwork, marketing to audiences contrite over holiday excess and prone to resolution mania. It’s a very competitive market. To promote the online diet program of our newly invigorated partner, South Beach Diet, we had to differentiate ourselves from the celebrity-focused campaigns of Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.

Focus on the concerns of “real people” — an audience that might not be able to afford an expensive meal delivery plan or gym membership. We developed a new, testimonial-driven campaign that would include a television commercial supported by email, display, social, and print campaigns — a true example of integrated marketing. As Creative Director, my job was to ensure a singular brand voice and consistency across multiple mediums and help drive consumers through our conversion paths.

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• wrote initial commercial script concept,
• created and aggregated assets for the commercial,
• worked closely with direct marketing production house Sincbox, providing onsite client-side creative direction — both at the studio shoot and in pre- and post-production,
• worked with Everyday Health’s legal team to ensure any claims were properly cited,
• managed a team of creatives to write, design and build assets for online and print campaigns,
• collaborated with the Media Team to test multiple concepts and CTA’s for those campaigns.

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