Suzanne Somers Testimonial Spot

Suzanne Somers is an Everyday Health partner and direct marketing phenom. What middle-aged woman can deny the appeal of a message like, “Over 40 and overweight? It’s not your fault!” Her message centers on the idea that diet and exercise can’t fight a flagging metabolism further hindered by a toxic environment. For the 2012 diet season, we worked with Suzanne to create a bundled product offer consisting of membership to Suzanne’s “Sexy Forever” online diet program and her line of “411″ organic supplements. Just as we did with South Beach Diet, we chose to create a testimonial campaign that built on the success stories of real people. Again, we worked with direct marketing production house Sincbox who cast the testimonial participants, ran the program, and produced the television spots (:15, :30, 1:00).


• created and aggregated assets for the commercial,
• worked closely with Sincbox, providing onsite client-side creative direction — both at the studio shoot and in pre- and post-production,
• wrote scripts for digital campaign elements and worked with Suzanne on set to shoot short chroma key pieces,
• worked with Everyday Health’s legal team to ensure any claims were properly cited,
• managed a team of creatives to write, design and build assets for online and print campaigns,
• collaborated with the Media Team to test multiple concepts and CTA’s for those campaigns.